Kharalisa BPA
(*Khadraj NA x Rhapsody In Gold)
Kharalisa BPA is Growing Up Nicely!
Robin Rye and friends Nancy Pierce, and Tina Torry recently visited Timestone's beautiful *Khadraj NA daughter, Kharalisa BPA, in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

Robin, Nancy, and their friend, Kathy Wilson, spotted Kharalisa at her dam's side in Scottsdale when the filly was only six days old.   She was a knockout then, and the Ryes decided to take the chance that she would maintain her exotic good looks into adulthood, and so far the filly has not disappointed!    Kharalisa is now a striking six month old, and we all look forward to seeing her in the ring!   First two photos below are of Kharalisa at 6 days old.  The rest were taken when she had just turned six months old - still the same extremely beautiful and correct filly!